Friday, March 4, 2011

Four Leaf Clover Restaurant

When: Mar 2011
Where: on Rte 5, Bernardston, MA
Okay... can anyone tell me what makes a toilet seat crooked? No, really.... what has to be placed on this seat to shift it so far off kilter? Since I 'squat' to pee (no, I am NOT putting toilet paper on the seat lid for this one, thank you very much!), I was hoping I aimed it in the right direction. I was actually tipping to the left, trying to imitate the position of the lid. Very awkward.

And this large buzzer was directly in front of me as I was doing the 'whizz' thing (peeing). Let me tell you, I was 6'-8' from the door. Did they really think I'm gonna press that thing from the toilet? The door was automatic, so what if I leaned on it accidently as I was turning around to pull up my pants!!???? Whoops! "HELL-O!".... "Excuse me". And to be perfectly honest, I noticed that even if I WAS in a wheelchair, to get to this bathroom, I walked up two steps right outside the door. No ramp..... duh!
What were they thinking....?

Outlet Central in VT

When: Mar 4th, 2011
Where: This is the first exit off Rte 91 north going into VT

Do not adjust your monitor!
Yes, this is truly the color of the bathrooms!! I had to surpress my initial reaction, because there was another person in the first stall and I could see feet!...This is the brightest lime green I've ever seen. I didn't know they could make this color without going blind!
This made me think (immediately) of a woman's dressing room in the stores. Though I think they made two bathroom stalls out of each dressing room, as you can see in the next photo.

These are very narrow and the aisle going to them is narrow.
When I took this photo, I was laughing. As much as I am not a really big person, my elbows are touching each side of the stall walls!!! When I 'stooped' (more of a squat!, believe me, I'm not sitting down!!), my head was resting against the door...

so there really wasn't any reason to have tried putting three locks on the door, unless it was to keep me from falling out! Really... did they finally figure out that one was enough?

And do they really think I'm gonna 'touch' stuff and 'Pull Handle forward"???? I think not!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Zips Diner

Fall of 2010
Where: Dayville, CT
 Didn't think I'd be writing about this diner's bathroom. Hadn't planned on it.... BUT, it was worthy of a post.

First a look at the floor said volumes... typical '50s style. Small floor tiles (I take lots of photos of the bathrooms floors in my post, don't I?), and pink. Like the formica doors and walls of the room. And lots of chrome. (Well, duh... isn't it a diner?)

Two complaints about this photo... First, the latch does not make me think "Secure"...Second. Do you see the space between the door and the wall??? It's pretty damn big. Big enough to someone 'out there' to see someone 'in here'! And that's not what I'd prefer in my moment of privacy.

 Good point: The bathroom was pretty clean for what I'd expect in a diner....
Bad point: Oh, ... and this was the part that had me laughing out loud and hoping no one in the diner heard me. The stall was small. How small?, you ask... So small, I couldn't take a whole photo of it! So small, that when you open the door, it hit the front of the toilet!! Yes, the door hits it, so the door won't open all the way. I started to laugh at this point, then got sillier as I tried to wedge myself through the 'abbreviated' opening (and I'm not THAT big a person). Had to lift my leg over the toilet (picture me straddling the seat- butt to the outside), to close the door (behind me). Only then, could I turn around to 'have a seat'- or rather squat. I laughed the whole time I was in there.... only to have to compose myself until I got outside to report my experience with the "John" to my hubby.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Unusual Art Gallery-Wilmington, VT

Coffee shop on Rte 100, just above corner of Rte 9 and Rte 100 in Wilmington, VT

Someone was trying to see how he did with his painting class, but may have been ashamed of his work, so he locked himself in the bathroom and started painting.

... right up above the toilet....

Too bad the towel bar got in the way....
Hey, why did I call it a towel bar? No one ever puts towels on them in the restrooms. I guess they should be called, "Hey, I can't get off the seat" bar, although I'd never yell that in a bathroom. Someone might catch me in a compromising postition.

Hemmings Car Museum- Bennington, VT

I didn't think I'd have anything to write about in this bathroom, but the names on the doors were unique enough that it made the spot in this blog. My name wasn't "Ethel", but I figured I could use it anyway.
It didn't have anything amazing inside other than tin car plaquard's on the wall, though they managed to fit in a baby changer among them.

This happened to be inside the actual gas station (which made you feel as though you fell into the 1950's), whereas Deisel and Ethyl were outside.

They even advertised the annual Garlic Festival (16th year) that was down the road. That will be posted on my other blog.

Of course, you can tell they don't have too many women complain about the 'trash runneth over'...Actually, come to think of it, I didn't complain either, so I guess the guys don't go in too often. They probably figure if the guys bathroom doesn't need it, they don't check to ladies room. (Hey guys.... WE wash our hands!)

Glad they made room around the plaques for the sink and soap

This was the potty behind Ethyl's least it was clean (we're talking about the toilet here, kids! Not the wastebasket, you see...).

The only thing that comfused me was this sign on the wall.... I might have to put something "more substantial than toilet paper" in there... LIKE POOP! Now I don't think I can poop.

Port-a-potty special

New Hartford Car Show, New Hartford, CT
Summer of 2010

How many of us have been in a port-a-potty? They all look the same, open the same, smell the same... Have you ever thought, what if I'm trapped in here with... say, ... a bee? While I was in there, I could hear bees....I am DEATHLY afraid of bees. Have been since I was a kid. Now, I think they were outside, but I'm inside this cramped area, and I have my 'alert' on... you know, when you are making sure your pants hem isn't touching the bottom of the floor (for those who's aim isn't what it should be), and your toosh ain't touching what it shouldn't be, and I thank goodness my hubby had my purse (he's secure in his

But, this one was different only because it created a monster inside. Me!

 It was really nice, don't get me wrong, but my imagination started. While I could hear the bees, I coudn't SEE them, so I thought I was safe. But as I'm squatting, I started to think what would I do if I DID see one? (My normal reaction to bees is, that I go after them and MAKE SURE I KILL IT DeaD! REALLY dead!)

I knew I would be swinging and swatting like crazy until it was so dead that you wouldn't be able to identify it as a bee! Of course, if I did that, I'm wondering what the people in line outside the door would be thinking was going on in there. I could have even become so panicked that I might even tip over the port-o-potty!! As one thought lead to another, I started to laugh... REALLY laugh, right out loud!!! I came out of the potty laughing so hard, I had tears coming down my face and I got the most strangest looks from those in line, and that kept me laughing all the more! Because nothing happened, except in my mind!

My husband tried to get me to tell him what was soooo funny, but I had to walk away from the potty to be able to talk! It was my most enjoyable and scariest time in a port-a-potty, that I can remember.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maine Bathroom #1 & #2 (No pun intended)

We took a two week vacation in Maine and I was quite thrilled that the 'bathrooms' were worthy of noting for this piece. This looked like a moons in the doors, but it wasn't big enough for a shed, so I'm going with this thought. Maybe 'his' and 'hers'?

We did a lot of trail walking, hiking, etc, but on this trip it was only to see a lighthouse at Fort Point, near the Penobscot River. I saw the sign only after I caught a glimpse of this 'box' in the woods off the trail.  
Venturing a little closer I realized it didn't look too half-bad! And the closer I got, the more I had to 'go'!
I peaked in and saw it was rustic, but it had lots of toilet paper (at least it wasn't a leaf!). Still,.... it WAS in the middle of the woods,.... in Maine,.....and I have this thing about snakes. You know, those things that might like damp areas (okay, I THINK they would be choosy, but you never know), so I had to look. It's a little too dark to see much of anything....
Nope! I'm not taking the chance. And besides,.... look how healthy and clean the 'soap and sink' area was.... Eauwwww! Could you really put your hand on top of that bottle? The germs are on the top, even though I'd be wiping them with an antibiotic gel. I'll pass. Best left to do it in the woods and hope for not hitting my sneaker with the 'stream'.